76% of CEOs Think Engineers
Don't Focus
on ROI

This is my story

When I was 14 years old

I was playing a ton of games online with players from around the world. I had dreams of owning my own MMORPG (Massive multiplayer online role-playing game), so I began tinkering with code to put together basic websites.

I was struggling

trying to find someone to help turn my would-be businesses into a reality. Most developers were either unwilling to help or wanted way too much money.

I took my future

into my own hands and I learned how to code. It was one of the most challenging yet rewarding periods of my life. My efforts paid off, literally, when I received a check to code for the first time.

In my corporate career

I dived deep into tech. I soon began leading major web projects.

A company hired me

to be a teacher of web technologies. I fell in love with helping people succeed and grow into competent developers. I was helping people make a real positive change in their lives.

I started my first company

and within the first year, I had my first $10,000 month from my business and I was helping customers succeed.

My first app launched

to the App Store and it was a great feeling. I felt like I could change the world.

Since then..

I've co-founded two tech companies and helped companies of all sizes achieve their engineering goals.

And I've helped

Now at this point you're probably wondering

Can Stanley do the same for me?

Well, most consultants would instantly say yes and begin over-promising.

Let's frame it like this.. If I can help you, I will. And if I can't, I'll still give you my honest input
and tell you what I would if I were in your shoes.


Stanley Yang